FileBoss v2.5 x86

  15 2010

FileBoss v2.5 x86



Add folder parent names
Add file times
Add text
Change case
Change extensions
Change or delete spaces
Convert to DOS 8.3 names
Add sequence numbers
Search and replace
Rename one by one
Advanced renaming

Delete, Recycle, Destroy
Recycle & Delete
Destroy files
Clean folders
Intelligent delete

Virtual Folders
Create from selected
Create empty
Create list of file names
Create by picking folders

Change file attributes
Touch files & folders
Set file times
Super Drag & Drop
Compare, merge and purge
Drop Zones
Load from multiple flash drives
Help - everywhere
Options and settings
Toolbox summary

Copy & Move Files
Backup if newer
Flatten (copy all to one folder)
Update files
Duplicate files
Duplicate folders
Make multiple copies
Join files together
Copy tree structures
Time controlled copy
Copy to multiple folders
Copy from CDs/DVDs

Find Files & Folders
By names & patterns
Recently Modified Files
Old Files
Files containing specific text
By Size
By attributes
By NTFS attributes

Explore File System
Multiple tabs and panes
Filter files by name or type
Using relative times
Using Meta-folders
Selecting files and folders
Replacing Windows Explorer
Command bar
Type or paste path
Exporting search results
Exporting folder contents
History logs
External tools
External viewers
Search website
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